Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Intentions

When I began this blog my intention was to post at least once a week. I don't always make that goal, something you probably know if you read it at all regularly. Recently a colleague passed along an article about food bloggers/diarists--people who are almost obsessive about documenting everything they eat, and doing it every day. Whether you are a fan of the minimalist approach exemplified by Javier Garcia or Nora Sherman's more colorful photos, apparently it's possible to spend a lot of time online looking at what other people are eating.

I know myself well enough to know there's no way I'll ever blog about anything on a daily basis. In fact, I don't even spend a lot of time reading other people's blogs, at least not every day. I guess I read blogs the way I write this one--sporadically. I look at library blogs and gardening blogs, and then life gets busy and I forget to go back. And it's not because they weren't interesting.

I was thinking about how people incorporate technology and the Internet into their lives (or don't) the other day. I was at Best Buy waiting for a computer diagnosis, and talking about smart phones with one of the sales guys. Now, I would love a smart phone, and he was hoping to sell me one. We had a long conversation about various phones and features and calling plans. And then he asked me what I did online--where I got my news, for example. The answer to that is NPR and the newspaper. It feels as if I'm online a lot, but it's usually for a work-related purpose. I guess I still think of technology as a tool, and not as part of my leisure life. Maybe if I get that smart phone, that would change?

Oh, and just in case you're interested, today I've eaten an egg, some toast...

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Brad said...

If you get a smartphone, I think you'll be surprised at the frequency with which you take photos with it.